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Boric acid, also known as boracic acid or orthoboric acid, is naturally occurring compound containing the elements boron, oxygen, and hydrogen (H3BO3). In nature, the element boron does not exist by itself. Boron is combined with other common elements, such as sodium to make salts like borax and with oxygen to make boric acid.

Company Overview

We have been specializing in diverse range of chemical product in India, Bangladesh, China and others South East Asia country. In accordance with strong demands from our customers against hydrogen peroxide, we established hydrogen peroxide in 2001.

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We provide our main products, to many essential costumer industries over the world. With a strong network of marketing, quality of products and outstanding service, we are very proud of doing the best for our customers around the world. We know you need more than quality products.

We are not only commited to deliver high grade and good quality of hydrogen peroxide but also high quality service to our costumer as their satisfaction is our prime concern.