About Tradeasia International

Tradeasia International Pte Ltd was established in 2000 as chemicals trading company. Over the years our product were expanded. Tradeasia International Pte Ltd was established to provide its customers with easy access to the finest Acetic Acid goods. Our staff has extensive experience with Acetic Acid products and especially Acetic Acid, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, reliability, and speed. We bring Acetic Acid to you.


Our vision is to be a leading of chemicals supplier in the world, which is add value to all we touch.


We would like to be one of the leading suppliers of Acetic Acid in the world, and provide added values to all the stakeholders in our customer, supplier, shareholders, and employees.

Our Critical Success Factors

  1. Consistent Goals that our team members understand and feel passionate about achieving.
  2. We will be a pro-active “action-oriented organization” that is highly motivated and works to seize each new business opportunity.
  3. Established “Shared Values” that guides our decisions and actions. At Tradeasia International Pte Ltd we are guided by our “Shared Values” which include:
    • INTEGRITY We will keep our word and do what we say.
    • HONESTY We will speak openly and directly, but with respect and passion.
    • EMPOWERMENT We will seize the opportunity to be successful and exceed our customer’s expectations.